Sweatshirt weather…


The doll and I stood watching a video concerning the park we had been transversing all day when I remarked, “Look, the visitors in this video are wearing shorts…” She nodded in amazement adding, “They even appear to be warm..” The boy, who was standing off to the side, also watching the video threw his 2 cents into the mix and declared, “Propaganda!” Which made all of us laugh. Who knew July could be so chilly? 

We got a late start; apparently we move slower when it snows in July, but made our way down the winding roads into  Gallatin National Forest, where “oohs” and “ahs” were commonplace. “Look out those windows, try to find wildlife…” Hubby encouraged. “Do me a favor and keep your eyes on the road…” I remarked to him and was summarily shushed as the result. 

“Is that what you call a butte?” The boy asked almost immediately after his father had asked the same thing. “Take your headphones off so we’ll all be on the same page,” I said and he did. “Is there any way we can have music playing in the background Grammy?” The boy asked, hoping to sway his “Shotgun” seated grandmother to turn on the radio. “No we’re fine without,” she replied and the boy sulked–but took his headphones off and joined the conversation. Meanwhile his sister chose to ignore all of us and listened to her own music, only talking with us when she felt the need.

A short time later we crossed into Yellowstone National Park and the wildlife and majestic views dazzled our senses beyond belief. We spotted some elk and pulled over to take a look. While exiting the car, my hubby spotted a pair of Sand Hill Cranes crossing a meadow toward the river, seemingly stopping to give us onlookers a photo opportunity.

After snapping a few pics we traveled on until we reached the Gibbon Falls, stopping to snap some shots there too. 

We continued onward, looking for wildlife as an occasional buffalo or elk became visible on the hillsides until almost all visible wildlife disappeared at the Norris Geyser Basin. Cold, windy with a heavy smell of suffer in the air, we walked along a boardwalk that encircled the hydrothermal geysers/hot springs that surrounded us. While we were miserably cold and wishing for gloves during our trek, none of us could deny the awesomeness of Mother Earth… 

and this was just the start of our day…. 

Best line of the day however came from the doll when her grandmother exclaimed, “This has been fun!” To which she replied, “I wouldn’t say fun exactly, cool-(literally and figuratively), but not fun.” 

“Speak for youself,” Came our collective reply.


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