Geysers here are a dime a dozen…


“I really enjoy this illustration,” the boy began. “I mean it shows the little boy about to spontaneously combust, while his mother looks on concerned and the dad is like, “It’s just another day at the park…” Which made me chuckle at his deft description of the sign. 

But the truth of the matter is, when you’re walking atop a subterrainian super volcano, some precautions should be taken. 
A few weeks before our vacation began, news came of a suspended search for any discernible evidence from a missing camper in Yellowstone; believed to have stepped off the marked path in an “thin crust” area. “I read that the acidity coming up from the hot springs probably dissolved the camper,” I warned my children. “Mom, we’re not idiots…” The boy began. “I never said you were, however…” I raised my hand to stop him from commenting further, “I am your mother and get to act like it from time to time”. He grunted and then let the subject drop.

Yesterday, we spent much of the day roaming around from one geyser basin to the next. In fact here in Yellowstone, geysers are a dime a dozen. So we plugged our noses against the thick smell of sulfur and walked/drove carefully around calderas as steam and bubbling hot water burst from the ground. By the end of the day, we felt we had seen enough until on a whim hubby turned into the parking lot to see Old Faithful-the most popular and most predictable geyser in the park. As luck would have it, we only had to wait fifteen minutes to see the magnificence of Mother Earth explode into the early night sky.​

I think the most remarkable thing I’ll remember about this trip however, will be my doll running  into our condo parking lot late last night with her brother, chasing down something called a Pokemon. Thankfully she didn’t find any bouncing atop any geysers too.


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