We be jamming…


Plastered throughout the main thoroughfares in and around the national park are warning signs about the wildlife. “Don’t feed the animals!” “Watch for wildlife on the roadways!” “Animals are wild, do not approach!” So we have been vigilant keeping our eyes open for wildlife, in the fields, on the roads, in the parking lot of our condo–though the only wild animal found in the parking lot so far, has been a Pikachu.

Over the past few days we’ve been involved in a few traffic jams inside the park. Yesterday alone we were involved in three. An ordinary road construction jam which lasted forty-five minutes.

Abeautiful buffalo jam which held us up for ten minutes as the herd slowly meandered across one meadow to the next, and a bear jam where we happily pulled over, grabbed our cameras and binoculars and began searching for that elusive grizzly bear heading out of sight. 

Each day we enter the park we’ve challenged ourselves to find more diverse wildlife than the day before. Yesterday when we drove into the northern section of the park we came across herds of buffalo,  pronghorn antelopes, elk, mule deers, blacktail deers, marmats, ground squirrels, lesser Scaup and a small tiny pika hanging out in a boulder bed. 

Of course, not all the wildlife we found in the park has been cute or welcoming… 

The large biting insects, for example.


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