Traveling with a charmer…


I’ve written past blogs describing how my son has the ability to charm the pants off others. He engages perfect strangers in conversation, using his authoritative, yet charismatic tone and they fall in love with him time and time again.
Where’s your son?” My husband asked the other day as we prepared to walk back to the car following a visit to a magnificent waterfall. “He’s engaged in conversation with someone…” I replied. “How does he do that?” Hubby asked in part awe, part frustration; he was holding us up-again. “He’s a natural,” I replied and then waited for him to disengage. “Guess what? I met a very nice woman from Akron–of all places; who gave me some tips for overcoming Altitude sickness. What’s most incredible is she echoed what you and dad told me to do…” He said and smiled.
DSC_0125Another day as we pulled over to take in the view, off in the distance using his binoculars he spotted a buffalo down in the valley. Handing his father the binoculars, he ran across the large pullout over to a couple who were looking in the opposite direction and began a dialogue with them. While I took photos of the mountain landscape, I could hear bits and pieces of their conversation and laughter. When the boy returned to us he informed, they were a very nice couple from Boston who had seen bison over the other rise as well.

“He has always had the ability,” I said aloud, though more to myself than to anyone else. “Yes he has,” his Grandmother concurred. “Between Charlie’s (Grandfather) gregarious nature and my families’ nature, he’s always had the ability to strike up a conversation with anyone”, I explained, “The perfect combo”. His sister, whose shyness prevents her from acting as such looked at me and said, “It’s not fair”.

Last night, our vacation was extended a few hours longer than expected when the plane we boarded, broke down on the runway. Needless to say we had four hours to kill in the airport waiting on plane repairs. “What did he just say?” The doll asked as we-his parents and sister dissolved into laughter. He was seated a few rows behind us charging his iPod and had engaged a women in conversation about his adventures in Yellowstone. “We came around a hairpin type curve and there was a black bear, fairly close to the road, but down a ways. So essentially I got a picture of his butt,” he explained. The woman laughed, we laughed and embarrassment ruled for a few minutes. Looking over my shoulder, there sat my goofy adorable son, smiling and happy with himself for bringing this woman a moment of joy.

After we were given the green light to re-board the airplane, the boy wished the woman a good morning and then joined us in our seats. As we settled down for takeoff, another woman said “Hi there!” to the boy as she walked past him to her seat. He looked up and replied, “Hello!” “I thought I’d take the opportunity to say hello to you “first” this time…” She said and the boy smiled. He had done it again. A little while later, as the plane happily touched down in Detroit, the boy said to the woman, “What a crazy day… this morning I ate fried chicken and waffles for lunch…” “Really? That sounds awful,” the woman laughed. “Somehow they just go together…” He replied and their conversation continued until we de-planed. As we walked toward baggage claim I asked him, “Who started that conversation about the waffles?” He smiled and said, “Well, I did I guess, I said, and she seemed intrigued by my choice of brunch foods. Besides, she was a very nice woman”.

“You’re a good boy, buddy bay…” I said very proud and in awe of him. He smiled and said, “I know…”




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