jet lag is my excuse…


When my alarm went off Monday morning for work, I made the split second decision not to go. Of course I make this same decision almost every time my alarm goes off, even while getting out of bed to hit the snooze button. The difference being, this time, I followed through and went back to sleep. Earlier in the day, I had sent texts to Mrs. K’s daughter, explaining how our plane was delayed in Chicago and I wouldn’t arrive home until close to 5:30 am.  So the prospect of being at her mother’s bright eyed and ready to go by 8:30 am would be more of a pipe dream. However, I did manage to wake up in time to shower, dress and go hang out with Mr. L in the afternoon.

When I arrived home at 6:30 pm, essentially I picked up my hubby and drove to Costco to replenish our bare cupboards, which led me to eat dinner around 9 pm. Since we ate so late,  my bedtime became close to  11:30 pm, in an effort to ensure all the stomach acids used to break down my dinner had settled enough to give me good nights and hopefully limit an acid reflux reaction, upon waking.

When my alarm went of Tuesday morning for work, I made the split second decision to hit the snooze button for more sleep. I did this repeatedly for an hour and a half, until I had just enough time to shower, dress, make a power shake and get to work.  This has been my first chance all day to actually take the time to write a blog. Getting back into the swing of things after a week away, takes all day–in addition I’m still suffering from jet lag. Losing two hours doesn’t seem like much, but tell that to my exhausted body.

In contrast, my kids went to bed at the same time Monday morning, yet emerged from their slumbers in the afternoon. “What time did you get up?” I asked the boy when I arrived home from work. “Somewhere around 2:30 pm,” He said, still not dressed for the day, looking rather shaggy. Glancing over to his sister she replied, “About an hour ago,” “Seriously? Must be nice…”My husband, who has Monday’s off replied, I slept on and off all day…” 

When I arrived home from work today to make Mrs. K’s dinner, my doll entered the kitchen to eat a snack.”What time did you go to sleep (last night)?” I asked. “About, three thirty I think? But, I got up around ten thirty, so my sleep pattern seems to be regulating itself back to normal,” she explained. The boy chose not to answer…but he was freshly clean so I gave him points for that.


My doll just read this blog and thought I was trying to make everyone feel sorry for me…which, in some light might be accurate, lol So I’m adding this little ditty. While we were in Yellowstone and the surrounding area, every time we found a new view of the mountain landscape, my doll would utter, “They look fake. It’s like the fake curtains they drop on movie sets to make it look like they’re out west, but really are in a studio in Burbank”. “But they are real…” I corrected. “Well no duh, I’m not dumb mom, I only said they look fake…” Whatever doll…

But, I understood what she meant, because as real and beautiful as one set were, we would drive over a rise and come across a completely different spectacular view and landscape, which made the last view pale in comparison. You can judge for yourself…




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