She’s right… 


During a long stretch of driving through Yellowstone, last week,  The conversation in the car turned political. My husband loves to play, much to my disdain, devils advocate every time politics enters our conversation. So I usually avoid or drop the subject before it gets started. Yet, here we were, rambling along with nothing better to do than argue. 
The doll who, up until this moment ignored her car companions, by reading books or sketching all the while music played in her ears, chose this moment to speak up and put her two cents in. The topic began with a discussion about Trump’s pick for a running mate and continued on until the discussing turned to women’s rights. “I was reading the other day an account in which Trump said…” I began and my hubby cut me off. “You like to read the Democrats side of things so of course you’re biased,” he said. “Hello? The article I was referencing is from the National Review who abhors Trump, yet is highly considered the quintesential Conservative magazine,” I argued back “And of which of course are dead set against women’s rights…”  

“Women’s rights? You already have women’s rights! In fact women have special rights!” He contended. “What special rights? Like equal pay?  Equal rights?” I said and that’s when it happened. The doll entered the fray and said, “Excuse me, but we (women) have to pay tax on pads and tampons. It’s not like we can help bleeding once a month. What is fair about that? I don’t see men shelling out money for a thing once a month”.

I smiled and congratulated her on her good point. Her father, was at a loss for words, until he actually agreed with her, though with a qualifying statement, “Well, yes, in that case you’re right. You shouldn’t be taxed for sanitary devices, but you cannot regulate how long a woman menstruates so what are you left with? Paying a tax on goods for 40 years is better than paying for a full lifetime”. “That’s a dumb explanation dad, some women’s life only last 40 years. We shouldn’t be taxed for pooping, for bleeding, period,” she replied.

“Ah but since the government is so full of shit, they feel that shit is taxable,” her father tried to joke. To which she responded, “With all the politicians and Trump supporters so full of __ there should be more than enough taxes collected to keep  I’ll us well out of debt!” She said and we all laughed at her incredible insight.


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