The best of what’s around…


Mrs. K  and I took a chance this afternoon and ventured out in this heat to look at birds. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the window on Wildlife at an area park is air conditioned. You see that’s the kind of day we’re having-hot, humid and did I mention HOT? 

The other day Mr. L and I ventured to a different park-one without air-conditioning and were welcomed by a small flock of Mallard ducks looking for a quick treat. All they got for their efforts was a quick taste of Mr. L’a right index finger–both of whom were left unsatisfied  by the transaction.

But the point is, we all went out and walked around,got some exercise, took in some sights and enjoyed the afternoon. On the ride back to Mrs. K’s this she looked at me and said, “I feel like I should get you something sweet for all the sweet places you take me. So what sweet thing can I do for you?” Smiling back I replied, “So long as you continue to allow me to hang out with you, is sweetness enough…” 

Yep she walked right into that one., I thought. She laughed for a moment in reply before adding, “Well okay then…”


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