diets shmiets….


When I was a kid, I was allergic to all types of chocolate except white. So every year for Easter, I found a white chocolate Easter bunny in my basket to enjoy, while my siblings ate their milk chocolate ones.  At some point, I outgrew my allergy and welcomed “real” chocolate back into my life with a gusto, throwing white chocolate to the side and falling happily under the spell of that delicious flavor.

Last week, I learned I am once again allergic to that delectable confection.  What’s more, I don’t even have the option of falling back onto white chocolate for compensation. Instead, chocolate in all forms must be avoided, along with caffeine, citrus, most fruits, tomatoes, onions, garlic and just about everything else that makes eating and loving food worthwhile.

Sigh, Pity Party for one, now commencing.


“You know, just because your diet sucks right now, doesn’t mean mine has to!” The boy contended. I had just informed Friday night of the new diet he was going to begin today. “Bay, you’re pre-diabetic. When that last test came through your doctor informed you to “stay the course”. Instead you took that as “I can go back to eating crap and drinking pop again and gaining all the weight you lost, back,” I argued. Of course this argument also took place at 10:30 pm when he entered the kitchen and announced he as famished. “Drink some water,” I countered. “Mom, it’s a myth that eating food before bedtime is bad for you…” He tried. “Eating, any time you’re going to be sedentary for a long period of time is bad for you–like following every one of your meals,” I informed, which ended the conversation which fell on mostly deaf ears…

Ah, selective listening is so fun right now…

After staying with his grandmother over the weekend, he came in the kitchen this morning carrying two loaves of banana nut bread from Bob Evans’ restaurant. “No one is allowed to eat this bread but me…please,” He said, but then added “I bought them with my own money’. “That’s fine, but beware, not to eat any of the other food in this house, since I paid for them with my money,” I said, turning my attention back to my lunch. “Oh Mom, you’re so sweet and passive-aggressive sometimes…” He said, leaning down to kiss the top of my head, before leaving the room.

Been that kind of day, I suppose.


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