altitude vs attitude…


“Have you noticed how my irritability to somehow jumped off me and landed on the boy?” The doll asked me as we wandered through the Museum of the Rockies, in Bozeman, MT, shortly after we arrived in the state. The boy couldn’t understand why we were taking the time to visit the museum and complained loudly, grumbling his displeasure at our decision. “Bay, we may not have the opportunity to come back before we leave next week and who doesn’t enjoy looking at giant dinosaur bones?” I replied.  In return, he grumbled more.

Later, I asked him, “What has gotten into you today, why are you so grumpy?” Unhappily he replied, “I don’t know! It’s like the moment I exited the airplane I’ve been in a bad mood…” “What? That doesn’t make sense…” I replied but let the conversation drop. Later, we were informed there was something known as altitude sickness-which, employs a wide variety of symptoms, one of which was irritability. Unfortunately, with the exception of my hubby, we all began to experience altitude sickness in one way or another.

Fast forward two weeks and those of us who suffered from sinusitis while in the upper altitudes have since recovered. Meanwhile those who suffered from irritability, still remain so. Which leads me to wonder, were they experiencing altitude sickness or the more common attitude (aka teenageritis) sickness?  

I’m not sure a definitive conclusion exits… But my money is on the latter… 


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