together, yet separate…


The doll and I were seated at the kitchen table together, yet separately. I was watching Dawson’s Creek on my laptop, while she began to sketch. Tapping me on the left shoulder, she smiled and began, “Mom, lately when I’m erasing something on my picture, I’ve started putting my sketching pencil between my lips, you know as a place to keep it while I erase. Just now, I couldn’t find the pencil because I forgot it was between my lips,” She said and giggled. “Kind of like those who wear glasses and forget their atop of their head…” I replied and she nodded. Giving me a quizzical look she asked, “Have you ever done that?” Looking back I replied, “No . But, I’ve only worn glasses for a few years. I’m sure, given time I will.” She thought about this for a moment, shrugged and went back to work while I  went back to watching Dawson’s Creek.

Together, yet separate.


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