Three more weeks…


These past two weeks, the boy has been taking ACT prep classes at his high school ahead of taking the  college entrance exam again this  September. This morning on our drive there he lamented, “God I wish school were back in session…” I smiled as I thought to myself, “You, the doll and me too!!” 

The doll sent me a text the other day that read, “I finally figured out how to wear my new uniform and NOT look dumb!” I couldn’t help but smile, knowing how important it is to look good on those first few days of high school; first impressions and all that. I’m just happy to know she’s been practicing (insert sarcasm font).

Every evening just before bed I catch the doll and boy in deep conversations as she peppers him about what high school is like. “The best piece of advice I can give you is not to argue with your Religion teacher. While entertaining to watch, to make her point, she’ll make everyone do an unnecessary assignment. You don’t want to be that kid…” He told her. I couldn’t tell if she were taking notes or not, but I wouldn’t put it past her. 

All I can say is…

THREE MORE WEEKS! THREE MORE WEEKS! Dear God! I’ll have a SENIOR and a Freshman in Three short weeks!! 



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