Relief from political distress, day 101….


While on vacation a few weeks back, a friend  invited me to participate in a nature photo challenge on Facebook. The challenge was simple. Over the next 7 days, post a nature photograph and invite someone new each day to join in. The idea was to flood Facebook with beauty to balance out the ugly political memes which have been increasing at an alarming rate. I accepted and enjoyed the challenge, posting shots of some of my favorite subjects–birds. While not everyone I challenged played along, those who did helped make our Facebook experience all the more beautiful.

In the next 101 days, our nation will elect a new President for this great country. If history is any indication, this election cycle is going to be downright ugly, divisive, callous and frankly an unpleasant experience for all of us in one way or the other. In fact, we will all be inundated with ugly advertisements–across all spectrum’s, TV, Print Media, Internet, Movie Theaters and possibly even Smoke Signals… “Crooked Hilliary” “Bully Trump” “Pothead Johnson” “Out of her league Stein”…I can envision the crap already. Tell me, how many of us celebrated when the primaries ended and the political ads came to an end?

In an effort to escape all the ugliness, I am challenging myself to post a photo of something beautiful for the next 101 days, on my blog. If you find yourself caught up in the election cycle and need of a respite from all the name calling, I’m here for you. Enjoy the political free photo, invite beauty back into your world.

The challenge in this life is to live a happy one. Beauty makes me happy, ugly serves no purpose in my life. Enjoy!DSC_0602


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