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Relief from political distress, day 68…


DSC01531Two years ago, my friend Cathie and I traveled to Los Angeles, CA to attend a Soap Opera Fan Meet up. This event afforded us both, the chance to cross a few things off our bucket lists. First and foremost, we were in California. You see, neither husband had any desire to visit the Golden state, so just accomplishing this feat was huge. As for Cathie, she was able to see and take several photos of Rick Springfield’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, while I marveled at seeing the “Hollywood” sign off in the distance. We also had the opportunity to visit Warner Brother’s and taking a tour of the studio, being dubbed honorary Australians and enjoying an evening at the Santa Monica pier.

025But I think he biggest thing to be checked off my bucket list, was not meeting the actors and actresses which prompted our participation (which was special in and of itself), but rather, meeting and getting to know better, many of the beautiful women I’ve been conversing with over Twitter the past several years. They are what made this trip such a great and memorable experience.

DSC01548 (2)



The role of mum is now being played by…


The other day I had an opportunity to take a quick glance at my daughter’s cellphone, scrolling through her phone contacts and adding numbers for her aunts and uncles in case of emergencies. That’s when I found that my cell phone number was tagged as “Mum” not “Mom”. “Mum?” I asked handing her back the phone. Shrugging her shoulders she replied, “I’ve been calling you “Mum” for the last year. What took you so long to notice?” “Noticing and reading are two different things…” I replied. “But you know, there are worst things you could call me than a flower…” I added. Giving me a puzzling look in reply, she opted to employ her famous shoulder shrug adding, “Whatever MUM…”and walked away.


Due to extreme acid reflux, I’ve placed myself on a no fat/low fat diet while eliminating certain (most) foods from my diet. As the result, when dinner rolls around, I’ve been leaving the cooking to my husband, or rather, my doll. “I think I’m a better baker than chef,” She admitted the other night, after her planned dish didn’t turn out as well as she expected. “Doll, learning to cook isn’t easy. But the fact that you’re willing to take chances, find recipes and then attempt to make them speaks volumes about your confidence in the kitchen,” I tried. “It’s just baked goods make everyone feel happy afterwards…” She explained. “If you become a well enough cook, you’ll find happy people after eating your meals…” I encouraged. “Guess that kind of explains why you quit cooking, huh…?” She asked with a smile. “Ah….Oh… nice, ” I replied while she laughed. “Thing is doll, with the exception of your brother, I haven’t heard many complaints,” I added. “Oh yeah, what’s the one food he always said was your best dish?” She asked, knowing full well the answer. “Ball Park Franks…” I replied with a laugh.

Overhearing part of our conversation, the boy chose that precise moment to pipe in his unwanted opinion, “Still one of your best dishes, mom, however, that has taken a backseat to your Jiggs dinner”. Looking at his sister I replied, “See…even the worst critic can be tamed. All you need to do is keep trying”. “But that doesn’t mean you get a green light on everything you cook…” He began before I put up the stop sign. “That’s enough out of you mister. If you don’t care for my cooking, then learn to cook yourself…” He smirked at me in reply, before turning and exiting the room.


Relief from political distress, day 69…


DSC00471The problem with digital cameras and memory cards nowadays, is there are too many pictures to choose from, when considering pictures for this blog. Back in the day, a roll of film with 36 available pictures seemed excessive. We were all so miserly when it came to taking pictures, considering lighting conditions, wind velocity, telephoto lenses, etc, before snapping the photo because developing the film cost too much–even when you received a second set of prints free from the store.

But today, that isn’t the case. Now we point aim and shoot, as many pictures as we want, for no other reason that because we can. There is also a school of thought that instead of thinking beforehand, when considering a shot, we’ll simply make use of our computer’s delete button and remove the not so perfectly framed or in focus pictures, before we print them up.

The funny thing is, we seldom employ the use of that delete button, instead allowing those pictures to continue taking up space on our hard drives and SD cards. Why? Well,  one reason could be because each photo, good or bad tells a story-even the bad ones. Another, because we’re lazy (ding ding ding goes the bell).

Siesta Keys, October 2012

Siesta Keys, October 2012

So what if I happen to have fifteen pictures of the same rich looking Florida sunset? Who cares?  If nothing else, looking at each one to determine their blog worthiness has brought back some good memories, right….?


Saving all the pictures on a Large Memory Drive is now in the works… however, I’m not sure if I’ll have the willingness/courage to delete them all from my laptop even then, because, you never know what may happen…

Football friendzy….


Last year, the doll and I attended several of the high school football games, as a way for her to become acclimated to the atmosphere surrounding the game. This past Friday, we attended her first game as a Freshman and though she was excited to sit in the student section, she was more excited to see her friends from grade school who came to the game, despite attending a different high school. When we first arrived, upon seeing Emily, the doll and her friend hugged for three minutes. “Seriously girls…” I said after the hug continued on. The two began to laugh, broke apart and then excitedly began to talk about their school experiences. “For a little while, before you arrived, we were following some boy Allie likes…” Emily said as Allie’s face flushed red. “No, he was following us around…” Allie tried. “Who is he?” The doll asked as the girls moved away to find the mystery boy.  Before the girls moved off, I gave the doll instructions for the evening, then left them to catch up with some tailgating friends, before going inside to view the game.


In exciting fashion, our team won the game in the closing seconds of the fourth quarter, which allowed us to leave the stadium with happy, smiling faces. “Did you have fun at your first game?” I asked. She shrugged her shoulders and added, “I loved seeing Emily and Natalia. I’ve missed having them in all my classes,” She revealed. “I know, but you need to branch out a little…” I said. She looked at me nonplussed before I added, “Did you at least stand in the student section?” I hoped. “Yeah, and I saw some kids from my classes. I especially liked seeing the Chinese transfer students sitting all alone at the top of the stands together. I bet they think this American football stuff is for the birds…” She replied. “Who knows, they may like the excitement,” I said. ” “Oh and I did see my friend, Meghan…she’s in the band and after half-time, came over and sat with us. I told her they sounded great,” “So, you had fun, right?” I asked. She nodded and then flashed me a thumbs up sign, before walking off toward her room.




Relief from political distress, day 70…


DSC00208Years ago, my older brother Bill along with a buddy, took a trip to Alaska and spent an amazing two weeks driving around the country/mountainsides. When he came home, he handed my mother a bag filled with 20 cartridges of 120 film to be developed. Expecting to see her son in exciting locales, Mom developed the film cartridges only to discover, beautiful landscapes, but no sign of Bill whatsoever. “Why did you waste all that film on pictures of landscapes?” She asked him, “Because the mountains were so beautiful,” Bill replied.  “Nobody wants to see only landscapes, Bill, where are the pictures of you and or your friend? If you want to have the mountain backdrop that’s fine, just make sure you put someone in the picture too,” She complained.


St. Maarten, Virgin Islands

Then looking squarely at me she said, “Marsha, if you’re going to take a picture of the landscape, make sure you put someone in the picture with it, so you don’t waste your film”.

That advice has stuck with me my whole life and while I haven’t always agreed with my mother, she did have a point. Placing a human in front of the backdrop does, at the very least signify you or rather, they were there. However, they can and most likely do, ruin the beautiful shot.  Sorry not sorry Mom.


Relief from political distress, day 71…


DSC_0150 (2)About ten years ago, my husband’s grandmother gave us a hummingbird feeder, along with instructions on how to make the food with placement ideas for the feeder attached; for Christmas. That Spring, we hung the feeder in our front yard and waited anxiously for the birds to arrive. Instead, all we seemed to attract were ants.  Disgusted, we took down the feeder and stashed it away; sad that we couldn’t even accomplish the simplest of tasks, properly.

Fast forward to this year, we decided to try the feeder again. We knew last summer, hummingbirds feasted on our bee balm, so the obvious spot to try again, would be very close to the flowers. Our diligence paid off as the birds loved feasting on the bee balm and our feeder quite regularly, that is until ants moved back in. Not to be deterred, I did a little research, washed the pole and then moved it to another part of our front garden. The hummingbirds didn’t seem to mind the location change and once again, began feasting on the yummy nectar-that is, until the ants found the feeder again too. After doing a little more research we found, ants do not like slippery material, so once again I thoroughly washed (soap and water) the pole (to remove any remaining ant pheromones) and feeder. But before hanging the feeder back up, I sprayed the pole with PAM cooking spray, as well as the base and the top of the feeder itself. So far so good…

Public enemy #1

Public enemy #1

Today,  we have a hummingbird war going on. Evidently, female hummingbirds are very territorial and do not like to share their food sources with others. As such, we’ve been entertained as of late, as one bird plays sentry and chases the others away–even in a driving rainstorm. Who knew hummingbirds could be so entertaining?



Relief from political distress, day 72…


Earlier today, I cajoled the boy to join me for a hike along the beautiful Maumee River at Side Cut Metro Park, in Maumee, Ohio.  Though the humidity was a tad higher than we would have liked, this nevertheless afforded us some nice (nice translated: No internet service) mom and son, one on one time. Our conversations were light, filled with laughter and jokes (the boy is a very funny person). In the meantime, I brought along my camera hoping to find some new subjects to photograph. Here is but a sampling of what we found…

DSC_0126 (3)

DSC_0116 (2)











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