Dog days of August….


While we may have only entered the month of August yesterday, you wouldn’t know it looking at my kids. “What did you do today?” I asked the boy last night. “Basically? Nothing,” He happily responded. “Then you should mow the lawn…” I replied. At the time he was making himself a PB&J sandwich. He stopped for a moment looked at me and said, “Too late”. It was 6:45 in the evening. Smiling back at him I replied, “Uh, 10:30 pm tonight is too late. Until then you have plenty of time…”

Conversely, when I stopped home for lunch this afternoon, I found the doll in a familiar position–wrapped in an afghan, lounging on the couch playing a game on one of her devices. “Do you have any plans for this afternoon?” I asked  her. In a quiet, almost resigned voice she replied, “No, not really…” “Seriously? Get out of the house! Call your friends, see who can go swimming. Because if you can’t find something other to do than lounge around my house, then I’ll find work for you to do inside.. Clean bathrooms, dust, etc…” I threatened.

Tho do to her lack of response or movement toward any of my requests, I’m pretty sure my suggestions fell on deaf ears.

Oh how I wish school was beginning tomorrow.





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