Like mother, like son…


“Why must you do that?” I asked my son. “Because, I like to be in control…” he replied.


We were on our way to buy the boy a new pair of tennis shoes, when he switched off the car radio and instead, forced me to listen to music stored on his iPod, via the cars Bluetooth system.”How do you know I wasn’t planning on listening to something else?” I argued, a bit perturbed when he happily hit “play” on his device.  “Mom, sorry, but the music you listen to on average, sucks,” He explained. “To each her/his own bay, and considering I’m the one driving, I should have complete control of the radio…” I replied. “Mom, seriously, I want you to listen to this music, expand your mind and really add some culture to your boring life,” He added with a grin.

Not buying his answers, I nonetheless allowed the music to play on. As the music wafted out the speakers and filled the car, I found myself drifting back in time to when I was a around his age and did the same thing whenever my mom drove me somewhere. Except we didn’t have Bluetooth back then. Instead, I reprogrammed all the radio station buttons in the car, to reflect the kind of music I liked to listen to. I can almost guarantee, my mom didn’t appreciate listening to Led Zeppelin, Queen or Rush, but she never complained when their music blared out from the car speakers.

For the record, he played a soundtrack to musical about Greek mythologies and Hades. Not quite my cup of tea, but not horrible either.




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