I’m sorry…


“Why?” I asked her. “Why what?” She replied. “Why are you sorry?” I said in reply. “I don’t know, it just seems like the right thing to say…” She answered. “Doll, have you deliberately set out to hurt me?” I asked. “No, of course not,” “Then you have nothing to say “Sorry” for,” I replied. Bowing her head, she grinned and replied, “I know, Allie has told me the same thing. I just can’t help it sometimes…” She added. “You mean all the times…” I corrected. “Mom…!” She scolded and I laughed.

“Listen saying ‘You’re sorry’ is not a bad thing doll, not at all. You’re willingness to feel bad for another’s woes, shows you have empathy; which will make you a great friend. Just be cognizant of why and with whom you’re saying “I’m Sorry” too, otherwise you could  become their scapegoat for everything,” I explained. “Jeez mom, you don’t think much of my friends…” She replied. “I don’t know you’re “friends” yet, you haven’t started high school.  Doll, I’m not talking about your grade school friends–I know them and their parents. But in the future, I want you to be careful and watch your step…” I explained.

“Okay,” She said, nodding her head before adding, “I’m sorry…” “For….?” I replied. “Having replied to you in the first place with an I’m sorry…” Smiling back at her I said, “Me too!”



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