an affable young man…


I walked into my bank a few weeks back and ran into an old friend. After a brief hug he said, “I’ve been meaning to tell you…” Aside note:I always hate hearing that sentence because you never know if its criticism or praise. Thankfully this time it was praise. “My sister’s daughter…” “Your niece?” I interrupted, “Yes, my niece; works in the main office at CCHS (high school my kids attend), and she simply loves your son,” He said happily. Nodding my head, I replied, “Yes, I know…” because on occasion, his sister has told me the same thing. “Listen, she told me specifically what a great kid he is, how he makes a point of stopping in every morning and wishing them a lovely day. He really helps make their day better…” He added excitedly. Agreeing with him further I replied “Well he used to stop in the office in grade school and do the same thing. He felt it only right to continue the trend in high school”. “Well, I know for sure they really appreciate his attention to them,” He reiterated once more before we parted company for the day.

As much as the boy drives me nuts right now, he really is an affable young man. The many kudos given to us in his regard, is crazy.

Over the past few weeks, the boy has joined his father and I on our nightly evening walks around the neighborhood. However, lately, he has chosen to walk far ahead of his father and I, possibly in hopes to escape a perceived lecture from me, or maybe better yet, not to be seen with his parents at all. Regardless, yesterday, while his father and I walked a half a block behind him, we watched as he stopped, began a brief conversation with a woman carrying groceries to her house, then lent her a hand. “Oh, look at that…” I said, quite proud of him. “Good boy!” His father agreed. As we passed by I reiterated, “You’re a good man, bay…” and he dutifully ignored me. “Don’t bring attention to him…” My husband scolded, “He may stop helping just to spite you…”

When he caught up to us I said, “That was very nice of you to help those ladies unload their car…” “I know, they looked like they needed the help, so I jumped in,” He said. “Did they thank you?” I asked. “They were very appreciative of the help,” He replied before signaling he was already tired of this conversation. Looking back at my husband as the boy walked past us, we both smiled. He is an affable young man, a pain in the butt to his mother sure, yet an affable young man to the rest of the world.


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