Relief from political distress, Day 89…



On day 97, I posted a photo of a flower, whose name I didn’t remember, but smiled every time I looked at the photo. Last Sunday, on a return trip to the botanical garden, I could not find the flower to save my soul. “This doesn’t make sense, it should be right here…” I said to my husband. “Maybe it’s past its bloom?” He offered and I growled.  “At least there are other flowers to photograph he said, which while being technically correct, didn’t make me feel any better until… I began taking photos of the other flowers.

That’s when I realized, the flower from day 97 was indeed still in the garden, except now the flower had fully bloomed. While the center seeds were no longer intact, what amazed me more, were the full colors that had arrived. So here is the real, full bloomed Wheel flower…

Perhaps becoming even more beautiful through maturity…



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