floating along…


With a sarcastic tone the doll said, “Look, mom, it’s family bonding…” and we laughed. If you recall, yesterday I chose to enjoy some time with my kids over writing this blog. So we found ourselves at my father’s pool, the doll seated upon a large raft, while her brother and I clung to the sides and floated. Before we walked down, I called my hubby and said, “We’re all going swimming at my dad’s. When you get home, put your suit on and join us…” Which he did.

The doll talked to me about entering high school and couldn’t understand why I didn’t remember my first day. “Doll, I hate to break this to you but, my first day was over a quarter of a century ago. It’s true, you have old parents. What I can tell you is I survived it if that helps,” I tried. Looking at her brother for help he said, “Don’t ask me, I’m like mom…” “Like me?” I interrupted. “Yes, I don’t remember either,” He explained. “How can you not remember three years ago?” She asked annoyed at his replies. “Simple, I live in the moment…”

Uh huh.

Trying not to laugh at the boy’s response, her father offered, “I remember my first day of school….” Looking at her father, hopeful for some answers she replied, “Really? What was it like, did you feel different?” “Considering that I attended junior high with my classmates, my first day of actual high school was pretty much the same as seventh grade…” “Boo!!!” I replied and was splashed. “Jeez dad, anymore useless answers up your sleeves?” The doll laughed in reply. “Well now that you mention it…” He said before joining us in laughter.

And so we floated on, the boy talking about a new graphic novel series he’d come across and wanted us to read, the doll worrying about Freshman orientation in the next week and their father and I enjoying the atmosphere. Can’t think of many better days we’ve had this summer…



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