Relief from political distress, day 86…

The Sentry lookout for the boxwood bush

The Sentry lookout for the boxwood bush

Yesterday, in our little corner of the country, storm clouds rolled through dropping a .09 inches of rain on our drought-stricken area, making navigating the streets around here tricky. In my quest to arrive home from the store, I drove through six different flooded streets, praying each time that my engine would be spared by the rising rain water. Once I arrived home safely, I became amused watching a very pretty, albeit wet, white tip pawed black cat take up residence in my boxwood bush, hoping a bird would fly in for dinner. “Hey there…” I said from the safety of my living room as the doll and I watched one bird after another, fly into the bush for safety, only to rush away again due to the cat’s presence. “He’s a tricky little devil…” I remarked. The doll, took one look at the cat and declared, “I want to keep him…” “Sorry doll, he’s wearing a collar…” I said triumphantly. “I don’t care…” She replied as we turned our attention back to the bush. A little while later, with the absence of birds flying into the bush, the cat beat thief in search of better place for dinner, presumably with faster service.




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