shooting stars…


Last week the doll and I tried our best to catch a shooting star and put it in our pockets, to save for a rainy day… But considering that is technically impossible, we settled for trying to catch a glimpse or two, of some shooting stars due to cross our nighttime skies. “I just want to see one…” the doll lamented as we stood in our driveway, sweating in the humid air and slapping our skins against wayward insects landing there for dinner. With our necks craning our heads skyward she asked me, “Have you ever seen a shooting star, mom?” “Oh yeah, many of times,” I replied and then laughed at one particular memory that came to mind. “What’s so funny?” She asked.

“Well, there was this time back in college…” I began to say and then stopped. “What happened?” She asked. I smiled and then added, nothing, never mind”. “Did you see a shooting star?” She asked. “Yes, technically,” I laughed. Puzzled she said, “You might as well tell me now, because I’m going to bother you from now until eternity until you do…” I weighed the information against my bright daughter and decided to come clean. The more she knows about her mother’s stupidity, the more likelihood she’ll avoid following in her foot steps.

“Well, you see, your mother has been known to do some really stupid things in her lifetime and this particular memory includes some really dumb stuff,” I said, knowing she would inquire further. “…And remember, this was back in the 80’s…” I prefaced before I began telling her about the time when me and my girlfriends went to Cedar Point Amusement park, for a girls weekend at the end of our Freshman year of college.

So there was this girl “Mary” who brought a marijuana joint with her and asked if anyone wanted to split it with her. I figured what the heck and said, sure. So the two of us went behind the hotel, split the joint. While out there I saw a shooting star, but wasn’t sure if it was a shooting star, because, after all, I was smoking pot. So I didn’t say anything and since Mary hadn’t acknowledged it either, I figured I must have been high and seeing things. Later, we were listening to a local radio station when the DJ announced the Perseid Meteor showers were taking place and people were calling in from the area saying they had spotted some. Mary and I both looked at one another, pointed and confirmed, we had both seen the shooting star and sadly, neither one of us were high..” I explained.

The doll nodded her head as if taking in what I said, but didn’t utter a word. “Doll, like I said before, this happened when I was in college. At the time smoking pot was almost the same as smoking cigarettes. I don’t want you to think it’s glamorous or anything because it’s not,” I said, worried how she would take in the information. “Mom did you ever smoke pot again?” “Sure, and each time I had a bad enough experience to decrease my view and chances of smoking it again,” I replied. “Well you don’t have to worry about me smoking pot, I can’t stand the smell of smoke…” She said. “What if it’s baked in a cookie or some brownies…?” I asked. “I promise you right now, cross my heart hope to die, I will not willingly try pot. I have too much respect for myself…” She said and I nodded before pulling her into a hug. “I hope so doll…” I quietly added.

After fifteen minutes of seeing nothing cross our field of vision, we called it a night and came back inside. “Sorry doll, it’s just too hazy outside,” I offered. “That’s okay, they’re still supposed to be visible tomorrow night,” she said before we turned in for the night.


Friday night she spotted a shooting star, shortly after we arrived home from a party. “Oh my God mom, that was so cool!!” She said excitedly. “I’m happy for you doll… and the excitement you’re feeling right now, is way better than any high you could get from drugs. You know why?” I asked. Nodding she and I said in tandem, “Because this is real”.





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