a walk in the park…


“Really? I thought you enjoyed talking sternly to me…” The boy replied after I explained the reason I’m on his case so much, “Because I love you”. “Typical response from a seventeen year old. You seem to think I’m out to get you…” I said. “Well, at the risk of calling you disingenuous…”He began and I slapped at him while he defended himself with a laugh. “Well, I am out to get you–out of my house that is, and off to college. But you have to help me…” “Mom, every time we go for a walk, our pleasant conversation is reduced to you lecturing me…” He said and unfortunately he isn’t too far off the mark. “Considering in six months you’re going to be eighteen, an adult-in theory, I gotta take every opportunity presented to me to get you ready,” I said and smiled. “Mom, haven’t you figured this out yet? I’m a boy. Becoming an adult takes more than turning eighteen,”He said with a smile. “Bay, I know this, you know this, but the college administrations continue looking for young men; responsible adults to give their money too. So as difficult as it is for a boy-like you; to grow up, you could at  the very least try to fake it…”Okay Momma, but that’s such a tall order…” He replied and I agreed.


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