Relief from political distress, day 79…


Sometimes, finding the right picture for this blog can be difficult. I thought about snapping a picture of my clean kitchen counter–but apparently (according to family members behavior) a clean counter is only beautiful to me. Another shot could have been of my son mowing the backyard, his third “attempt” at doing so… But again the picture would serve no purpose other than my to feed my snarky attitude today. 

So, when I scoured my brain for a good idea I remembered last night with my doll. Earlier in the day, our area was hit by a storm that dropped mass quantities of rain over a very short time period. In fact so much rain fell, most of our streets flooded. Once the water receded, the doll and I left to attend a party, across town. “Every time I’m ready to shoot, a building blocks my view,” the doll said with a frustrated tone. She was  watching the remnant clouds from the storm slowly move across the magnificent sky and kept trying to snap some pictures with her phone. All of a sudden, I veered away from my sisters, instead pulling into a shopping center and then made a b-line toward their parking garage complex, seeking higher ground. 

When we arrived on the top floor of the garage, I pulled in, parked and we both got out and began snapping photos of the cool, early evening sky. Hope you enjoy…


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