Fresh(wo)man orientation…


While playing Scrabble with Mrs. K on Friday, I received a text from my doll. This was strange because she was attending Freshman orientation at her new high school and shouldn’t have been using her phone. Excited by her class schedule, she couldn’t wait to tell me all about it (which, truth be told, I LOVED) As a matter of fact, she couldn’t wait an hour until pick up; to show me her new school schedule so she sent me a text with a photo of her schedule. “Should you be texting?” I asked and she replied, “Not many teachers are here today. Mostly we’re in small groups with Stident advisers walking our class schedule and working on our locker combinations,” She replied.

When I arrived to pick her up, she said, “My locker combination is so hard, but there was this one girl a locker down who helped me…” “So you have a new friend…” I suggested. “I don’t know, she seemed nice, but I don’t know…” She replied. “Oh and my friend Allie has the same lunch as me, which means I won’t be wandering around lunch period looking like a fool…” She added. “Well we can’t have that…” I added and she shot me a disapproving glance. “But that’s how it starts, you see someone from one of your classes and sit down with them at lunch. Eventually you’ll sort it all out..” I said and she replied, “I’ll take your advice under advisement,” and then smiled. “Advisement? Are you trying to emulate your brother?” I asked and she replied, “God forbid you ever think that…” which made both of us laugh. A moment later I tried again, “Okay, fine. Just try to be friends with everyone, that’s the key,” I offered and she nodded in reply. 




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