Relief from political distress, day 77…


But first a little housekeeping…

Back when Mary Alice and I hung out, we used to play a game of catch, using an oversized ball and then count out loud the number of catches made. Almost every time we approached catch number 80, she instead would say “91!” Which made us both laugh, before resuming at the correct number count and continuing on.

The reason for this disclosure is because apparently I can’t count down from 102 without duplicating some days (91). Therefore, today is not day 78 (for all those keeping track), but rather day 77… 

Perhaps tonight I’ll rectify the numbers on the blogs already published. But for the record doing so, may not stop me from miscounting. Therefore reader be warned… 

Lordy Lordy, this election has been going on long enough, without me adding days… 

Bald River Falls after a little too much rain..


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