Together again…


The fact they have been separated for the last three years was not lost on either of them. As they entered the school together, the doll headed up two flights of stairs to her locker, while the boy turned the corner, stopped in the office to welcome the secretarial staff back from summer break, before walking down the hall to his locker. Ah yes, the Senior advantage of having a locker on the first floor. After putting his backpack away and grabbing an all purpose binder, he walked up two flights of stairs and ran smack dab into his sister-who, was struggling to open her locker. “Hey girlfriend!” Her brother shouted as he approached. She was mortified! Looking around she caught the eye of another girl who was staring at them and their interactions. “OMG what might she think??  Ewww, GROSS does she think we’re…dating? GAG!” “BOY! What’s wrong with you?” She said in a terse voice only loud enough for them both to hear. “Oh, my first class is right here, next to your locker…” He said with a smile. “Then you need to go in to the classroom…” She insisted. “Do you need any help with your locker?” He offered. “I’m fine…” She replied, hoping he would move far away from her. “Fine…you have a nice day now, you here?” He said with a patronizing tone as she shuddered and turned back to her locker.

Later, when they both climbed in the car to go home she looked at her brother and said, “Don’t you ever call me “girlfriend” again! There was a girl there who must have thought we were dating, by the way she looked back at us. Gross! EW! Gross!! I wanted to shout at her….” “You won’t…you got my one goofy hello for the year. You’ll be lucky if I say hello to you ever again…” he replied. “Thank goodness…” She said as we pulled away from the school.


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