apples off the same tree


Yes! The kids have returned to school which means (to them) they can now ignore all their summer chores in the process. Meanwhile when I arrive home from work, I shake my head in wonderment. Damn kids, take after “teenager” me!

For the past two days, a basket of clean clothing has sat conspicuously in the middle of the living room’s main walk way while my kids either stepped over or pushed it aside, as they walked through. In addition, Monday afternoon when I began to tell the doll the dishwasher held clean dishes she put up her hand to give me a “stop” sign and said, “Stop. Got it Mom…” Yet, last night I found myself unloading that same dishwasher with clean dishes when I found we were out of silverware.

“Mom, I was sidetracked by homework…” The doll said and then added, “Besides, I’m not the only kid who lives here…” “True, you’re not,” I agreed adding, “But YOU were the one who told me you “Got this” yesterday; which made me believe you were going to empty the dishwasher,” I explained. Shrugging her shoulders she replied, “Fooled you, huh,” smiled and then walked into the other room. “Shame on me once doll…” I replied as she walked away giggling to herself.


While making dinner last night, the doll made a point to sit at the table and tell me all about her classes and which ones she thought she was going to like.  “The jury is still out on Biology, mom…” “Way to give those classes more than a full class day to impress you…” I snarkly replied before adding, “Considering you’re thinking of becoming a nurse, wouldn’t that be one that you find interesting?” I asked. “Shrug,” she said and then added. “Oh and I think I have a new friend. Her name is Meghan?  She’s in three of my classes and seems nice…” “Nice,” I said in return. Do you both have the same lunch period?” I wondered. “I think so…” she replied. “So the next step is to see if she’ll sit with your group or vice versa… expand your universe doll…” I offered. She nodded for a moment and then left the room, while I turned my attention back dinner.


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