Relief from political distress, day 75…


Whenever we vacation down at Daytona Beach Shores, my husband and I make a point of doing something the opposite of when we are home. Namely, we willingly rise before sunrise and take a mile and a half hike down the beach to the pier, turn around and walk and walk back. Usually by the time we arrive at our condo time share, the sun is just beginning to crest the horizon. I can’t tell you the number of pictures I have of the sun rising in the east. But I can tell you, with no uncertainty, they are all more beautiful than the one before.

One day, shortly after I snapped this beauty,  I tweeted the photo out to my friends in the Twitterverse and the Daytona Tourism Bureau saved and then retweeted (sent it out) to their followers. Made me feel special. Of course, this also confirmed that almost anyone with a camera can take a beautiful sunrise photo, especially when your subject is as magnificent as this.



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