about last night….


The doll and I were on our way to pick up the rest of her school supplies when I turned on the car stereo to find  weather casters alerting the area of the possibility of tornadoes arriving soon. Looking at her I said, “Well, according to them, we have about 45 minutes to buy supplies and arrive home safely”. “If I didn’t need all my supplies by tomorrow…” She began and I made the decision to continue onward, except instead of shopping at the discount store ten minutes away, I drove to our local grocery store, where the prices aren’t as generous.

Question #1. “Mom, why are there so many cars on the road? Don’t they know a tornado siren when they hear one?”

Answer: Tell me, if you had earphones on, or if we had music playing, would you have heard the siren?

Question #2″Mom, why are there so many people here shopping?”

Answer: “I’m sure there are some folk who have no idea of the area’s Tornado warning status. I mean you don’t hear safety measures being broadcast over the store’s intercom, do you?”

Question #3. “When was the last time there was a tornado around here?”

Answer: “Very seldom do any actually come into our city, though towns on the outskirts have been hit pretty hard in the past.

Question #4 Have you ever been in a tornado?”

Answer: When I was a kid–My dad took us to the cemetery to place flowers on my grandfather’s gravestone and he was forced to pull over and wait out the storm. Us kids thought it was fun, because kids don’t know any better. But, I’m sure my parents were less than thrilled.

Question #1 What are you doing?

Answer: I’m not waiting around to be obliterated…I’m taking my most valuable possessions into the basement, just in case.

Question #2. Doll, if there is real danger we’ll tell you with time to spare… ooh, look at the cloud rotation outside. You want to join me?”

Answer: I can’t believe you’re inviting your daughter out into the storm.

Question #3 What storm? What’s the matter, are you chicken? Where do you think your father got to?

Answer: You’re both nuts!

Epilogue:  The cloud formations were very cool as we all ventured outside to take a look and snap some photographs. In the meantime, friends and family posted videos of various cloud walls entering there area of the city which made this feel all the more ominous. Nevertheless, the tornadoes never formed in my city and the doll relaxed by drawing something for her Art class.

Oh and since she came outside with us, I believe she can be classified as certifiable too… another “chip off the block” moment in a long list of them.




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