Relief from political distress, day 71…


DSC_0150 (2)About ten years ago, my husband’s grandmother gave us a hummingbird feeder, along with instructions on how to make the food with placement ideas for the feeder attached; for Christmas. That Spring, we hung the feeder in our front yard and waited anxiously for the birds to arrive. Instead, all we seemed to attract were ants.  Disgusted, we took down the feeder and stashed it away; sad that we couldn’t even accomplish the simplest of tasks, properly.

Fast forward to this year, we decided to try the feeder again. We knew last summer, hummingbirds feasted on our bee balm, so the obvious spot to try again, would be very close to the flowers. Our diligence paid off as the birds loved feasting on the bee balm and our feeder quite regularly, that is until ants moved back in. Not to be deterred, I did a little research, washed the pole and then moved it to another part of our front garden. The hummingbirds didn’t seem to mind the location change and once again, began feasting on the yummy nectar-that is, until the ants found the feeder again too. After doing a little more research we found, ants do not like slippery material, so once again I thoroughly washed (soap and water) the pole (to remove any remaining ant pheromones) and feeder. But before hanging the feeder back up, I sprayed the pole with PAM cooking spray, as well as the base and the top of the feeder itself. So far so good…

Public enemy #1

Public enemy #1

Today,  we have a hummingbird war going on. Evidently, female hummingbirds are very territorial and do not like to share their food sources with others. As such, we’ve been entertained as of late, as one bird plays sentry and chases the others away–even in a driving rainstorm. Who knew hummingbirds could be so entertaining?




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