Football friendzy….


Last year, the doll and I attended several of the high school football games, as a way for her to become acclimated to the atmosphere surrounding the game. This past Friday, we attended her first game as a Freshman and though she was excited to sit in the student section, she was more excited to see her friends from grade school who came to the game, despite attending a different high school. When we first arrived, upon seeing Emily, the doll and her friend hugged for three minutes. “Seriously girls…” I said after the hug continued on. The two began to laugh, broke apart and then excitedly began to talk about their school experiences. “For a little while, before you arrived, we were following some boy Allie likes…” Emily said as Allie’s face flushed red. “No, he was following us around…” Allie tried. “Who is he?” The doll asked as the girls moved away to find the mystery boy.  Before the girls moved off, I gave the doll instructions for the evening, then left them to catch up with some tailgating friends, before going inside to view the game.


In exciting fashion, our team won the game in the closing seconds of the fourth quarter, which allowed us to leave the stadium with happy, smiling faces. “Did you have fun at your first game?” I asked. She shrugged her shoulders and added, “I loved seeing Emily and Natalia. I’ve missed having them in all my classes,” She revealed. “I know, but you need to branch out a little…” I said. She looked at me nonplussed before I added, “Did you at least stand in the student section?” I hoped. “Yeah, and I saw some kids from my classes. I especially liked seeing the Chinese transfer students sitting all alone at the top of the stands together. I bet they think this American football stuff is for the birds…” She replied. “Who knows, they may like the excitement,” I said. ” “Oh and I did see my friend, Meghan…she’s in the band and after half-time, came over and sat with us. I told her they sounded great,” “So, you had fun, right?” I asked. She nodded and then flashed me a thumbs up sign, before walking off toward her room.





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