Relief from political distress, day 70…


DSC00208Years ago, my older brother Bill along with a buddy, took a trip to Alaska and spent an amazing two weeks driving around the country/mountainsides. When he came home, he handed my mother a bag filled with 20 cartridges of 120 film to be developed. Expecting to see her son in exciting locales, Mom developed the film cartridges only to discover, beautiful landscapes, but no sign of Bill whatsoever. “Why did you waste all that film on pictures of landscapes?” She asked him, “Because the mountains were so beautiful,” Bill replied.  “Nobody wants to see only landscapes, Bill, where are the pictures of you and or your friend? If you want to have the mountain backdrop that’s fine, just make sure you put someone in the picture too,” She complained.


St. Maarten, Virgin Islands

Then looking squarely at me she said, “Marsha, if you’re going to take a picture of the landscape, make sure you put someone in the picture with it, so you don’t waste your film”.

That advice has stuck with me my whole life and while I haven’t always agreed with my mother, she did have a point. Placing a human in front of the backdrop does, at the very least signify you or rather, they were there. However, they can and most likely do, ruin the beautiful shot.  Sorry not sorry Mom.



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