Relief from political distress, day 69…


DSC00471The problem with digital cameras and memory cards nowadays, is there are too many pictures to choose from, when considering pictures for this blog. Back in the day, a roll of film with 36 available pictures seemed excessive. We were all so miserly when it came to taking pictures, considering lighting conditions, wind velocity, telephoto lenses, etc, before snapping the photo because developing the film cost too much–even when you received a second set of prints free from the store.

But today, that isn’t the case. Now we point aim and shoot, as many pictures as we want, for no other reason that because we can. There is also a school of thought that instead of thinking beforehand, when considering a shot, we’ll simply make use of our computer’s delete button and remove the not so perfectly framed or in focus pictures, before we print them up.

The funny thing is, we seldom employ the use of that delete button, instead allowing those pictures to continue taking up space on our hard drives and SD cards. Why? Well,  one reason could be because each photo, good or bad tells a story-even the bad ones. Another, because we’re lazy (ding ding ding goes the bell).

Siesta Keys, October 2012

Siesta Keys, October 2012

So what if I happen to have fifteen pictures of the same rich looking Florida sunset? Who cares?  If nothing else, looking at each one to determine their blog worthiness has brought back some good memories, right….?


Saving all the pictures on a Large Memory Drive is now in the works… however, I’m not sure if I’ll have the willingness/courage to delete them all from my laptop even then, because, you never know what may happen…


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