Relief from political distress, day 68…


DSC01531Two years ago, my friend Cathie and I traveled to Los Angeles, CA to attend a Soap Opera Fan Meet up. This event afforded us both, the chance to cross a few things off our bucket lists. First and foremost, we were in California. You see, neither husband had any desire to visit the Golden state, so just accomplishing this feat was huge. As for Cathie, she was able to see and take several photos of Rick Springfield’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, while I marveled at seeing the “Hollywood” sign off in the distance. We also had the opportunity to visit Warner Brother’s and taking a tour of the studio, being dubbed honorary Australians and enjoying an evening at the Santa Monica pier.

025But I think he biggest thing to be checked off my bucket list, was not meeting the actors and actresses which prompted our participation (which was special in and of itself), but rather, meeting and getting to know better, many of the beautiful women I’ve been conversing with over Twitter the past several years. They are what made this trip such a great and memorable experience.

DSC01548 (2)



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