Relief from political distress, day 67…

Finch Frenzy

Finch Frenzy

A few years ago, following a rainy and soggy attempt to see the annual Warbler migration across our area, the boy and I stopped at a local superstore and purchased a bird feeder, pole and feed. Not really knowing what I was getting into we nonetheless pushed ahead with the plan of creating a bird oasis in our front yard. Since then, we have expanded and hung five feeders around our front yard, to attract as many diverse birds as possible. Most of the birds who stop by for a nibble or two are the run of the mill, rather boring and drab looking, sparrows. However sparrows keep company with many different bird species and are known to raise Cowbirds, whose parents have dropped their eggs in the Sparrows nest. This summer alone we’ve enjoyed seeing House and Yellow Finches, Woodpeckers, Mourning Doves, Blue Jays, Black Capped Chickadees, Cardinals, Eastern Nuthatches and Titmice, to name a few.DSC_0191

They say bird watching helps reduce stress and speaking for my family, I concur. This summer alone, we’ve enjoyed watching as the birds work the feeders and the squirrels attempts to do the same.  At any given moment, our front yard box bush comes alive, shaking from birds who have taken up emergency residence, trying to hide from unseen predators, only to be departed moments later for destination feeder once again.

Yet, there is one resident who seems to be stressing a bit over the many birds who visit us daily…

DSC_0157 (2)Sunday night, while I sat on our front stoop, I watched as a sparrow flew into the bush only to quickly fly out. Taking a closer look, I discovered a female cat had taken up residence there hoping for a quick and easy dinner. Unfortunately, the bird sensed the predator and got away. In the meantime, the cat, realizing her hideout was discovered, moved to hide beneath my car and waited for another opportunity to score a quick dinner. Later I spied her chasing a squirrel through the yard, but, alas, the rodent climbed a tree while the cat, out of breath, simply meowed at the tree’s base.

This afternoon, I watched our feral cat, jump out from our flower bed in an attempt to catch a squirrel, but once again was foiled by the rodent’s ability to change direction on a dime. Poor Kitty.






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