one small step, one giant leap…?


Monday afternoon, the doll found herself wrestling with the horns of a dilemma; where to sit for lunch. You see, during the first week of school, she sat happily with Allie, one of her best friends from grade school, but on Monday, Allie was sick. “Mom, I don’t know what I’ll do…” She lamented Sunday when Allie texted her about her weakened condition. “Find another person from one of your classes and ask to sit with her,” I offered. “That’s so awkward…” she replied. “Yes, at first, but at least you won’t be eating alone…” I said and hoped for the best.

When I picked her up Monday afternoon, acting nonchalant she explained, “I found a girl from two of my classes and asked if I could sit with her and friends, which proceeded to be the most awkward lunch ever,” She said. “Why awkward?” I wondered. “Because they didn’t know what was safe to talk around me, so everyone just ate quietly. But there was one boy running for Student Council, so I signed his petition,” she explained. “Well that’s nice. Listen doll, when presented with opportunities like these, that’s when you start the conversations, “Does anyone here like Twenty-one Pilots or Screaming, I mean Sleeping with Sirens, etc…” I said while she nodded.

Last night, just before bedtime the doll approached me to confide, “Mom, I’m slowly making new friends…” Earlier in the evening, we had a disagreement about her desire not to attend tonight’s football game because her friends from other schools, opted out of going too. Looking at her I shrugged my shoulders adding, “So…” “Please don’t tell me this is an opportunity to meet people. Besides the only ones attending the games are the popular kids…” She argued. “What? Hmm, things must have changed since I went to school, because I was never popular. We went to the games to haveĀ fun with everyone. In fact, very little football was even watched, if I remember correctly,” I retorted. “Whatever…” She replied before turning and walking away.

“Oh yeah?” “I replied. “Yes, well there is that girl from my art class that I sat with at lunch named Meghan…” She began, before musing, “Meghan must have been a popular name the year I as born because there are a bunch of Meghan’s in this class. Anyway, there’s another girl named Carolyn, but she wants to be called Carly,” She explained. “Are you and Allie still sitting together at lunch?” I asked. “Yes, but we’re slowly inching our way toward the girls, I ate lunch with Monday,” She replied. “That’s good doll, you got this. I bet they’re going to the football game tomorrow…” I tried as she tried not to give me a look while she nodded. “Maybe, I’ll ask if they’re going…” She said, before standing, kissing the top of my head and saying goodnight.


In case you’re wondering, her last reply, has caused this Mean Mum to keep her fingers crossed for most of the day–and at times, even her toes.



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