Relief from political distress, day 66


They say the human brain is hardwired to pick out human  features-face when looking at pictures of terrain. That’s why many people believe they see a human’s face while looking at a picture of a mountain on Mars. I don’t know about you, but im not very good at seeing faces everywhere,  but I am good at seeing one thing and believing it looks like something different. Take for instance, A burned out tree stump and root system on a hiking trail in the Great Smokey Mountains, that to me, resembles a giant spider. Good thing the doll only recognized this as a tree stump, otherwise she may have fallen down the mountain side from sheer fright. 

IMG_1308Not many people know this, but I’m a big Walking Dead fan and when I spotted this fallen tree in the geyser basin of Yellowstone, something about the layout of the underbrush struck me funny. Pulling out my iPhone, I snapped a quick photo before moving off to catch up with my crew. 

When we arrived back at our condo, I pulled the picture up on my phone and asked my family what they thought  this picture depicted.  They all said roughly the same thing. Therefore this tree will forever be dubbed the Zombie Tree of Yellowstone. 

Finally, if you look hard and fine, you’ll see a beautiful sunrise from the Domican republic, which doesn’t belong in this particular blog. However, new technological updates on phones will sometimes hide the necessary information needed to figure out how to delete a picture from my phone App. So, I guess I’ll just dub this one, eye candy and leave it at that.


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