Relief from political distress, Day 64…


Where I live, there’s an old idiom that says, if there is a recession, our city will be one of the first ones to enter and one of the last ones to leave. For years, we’ve been the butt of jokes, both within the state and nationally speaking. Of course, not all of this of ridicule is deserved, even though there is plenty, we’ve brought upon ourselves. 

oak cluster at Oak Openings MetroPark

One of the things we’ve done right however is the establishment of a MertoPark system, linking many outlying area parks together, to help keep them inviting for the entire area to enjoy; not to mention, placing these parks on everyone’s  “Go To” list  for outdoor fun with family and friends. In fact, in a recent poll last May taken by US News, we were voted one the 75/100 nicest places to live across the country. 

Not too shabby for the collective butt of many a men’s joke. 


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