book heaven…


On Friday, the doll received her school provided iPad that she’ll use for the next four years and happily began checking out all the apps the school downloaded to the device. When I arrived home from work, she happily declared, “Mom, they gave us a free book app! I’m in story heaven…” and giggled with delight. Her brother, who received his on Thursday said, “Yes, but they’re all older books in the public domain”. “I don’t care,” she said, and began quoting all the authors she looked forward to reading, “Carroll, Twain, Conrad…” “Look and see if the Count of Monty Cristo” is in there, ” Her brother asked.  Doing so, she looked at her brother and said, “Yeah, it’s here…” “Okay doll, I totally recommend that book, it’s so good…” He replied.

The next day she said, “I began reading the book of logic, which made sense until he added words to it…” Nodding, I replied, “I took a logic course in college and from what I remember, it’s like a math algorithm, You have to follow certain variables to be able to apply logic…” “I’m just going to keep reading over this first part until I get it, ” She added. “Surely there is another book in there you would rather read…” I said, believing the logic book was too far above her at the moment. “Oh, I’m reading two other books at the same time. I just find this one fascinating,” She explained, then added, “and these are just for fun mom, they’re not assigned”.



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