The real pennant race and “fantasy” football… 


A few days ago, a friend of mine posted on his Facebook page how everything was now right with the world because football season was back in session. My own Aunt told me to forget baseball season (my #Indians #GoTribe team is in first place!!!), because no one was interested anymore, now that football had returned.

Perplexed am I. How can one not be excited by the close Pennant races???

Yet, there I was, Monday night, participating in my family’s, Fantasy Football Bragging Rights League Draft. Last year through shrewd moves (playing in the free agent pool), I was able to win the league. So, I chose my players in an an attempt to repeat my championship. In addition, this week I will participate in two more drafts for leagues I play on with friends from Twitter.

But the boys of Summer are still playing…

So tell me, why are people so excited football season is back? Could it be the tackles, touchdowns, beautiful passes, long runs from scrimmage, yelling, cheering, high-fiving, analysis, booing, slo-mo replay, immaculate receptions… Ah, the list goes on. “Mom how many football games are there in a season?” My doll asked the other night. “Depends… Pros usually play about 16, college about 12 and high school about 8 or 9, I think.” “Well that’s not many games,” She replied. “That’s the appeal doll, they only play on the weekends and this gives people things to see and do,” I said. “I can think of a hundred other things I’d rather be doing,” the boy chimed in. “Well there are many who beg to differ,” I replied.

The Cleveland Indians hold a 4.5 game lead over Detroit; their magic number to clinch the division is 21 games–7 of which will be played against Detroit among others vying for contention in Central Division… 

The doll’s high school football team has played two contests, one we attended. The boy, who does not like the sport at all has decided to attend the final game of the season so he can say, “I attended the first game when I was a Freshman and the final game as a Senior”. “What if the final game is the championship down in Columbus?” I asked him. “Last regular season game,” He qualified. “Well, that’s something at least, ” I said and we both smiled.

Nail biting, rally caps displayed, strike out, challenge plays, reversals, home runs, ground rule doubles, hitting streaks, walk off runs… Ah, the boys of summer want to be the real boys of October and I want my team to be them too. Go Indians! Go Tribe! 




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