I’m not like you…


On Making friends:

“I felt sorry for Callie today,” The doll began, “because her pet rabbit just up and died this morning,” the doll said to me on the drive home from school. ” “Is she one of the girls you sit with at lunch?” I asked. “Yes, she’s a friend of Meghan’s. Since Allie was absent today, she told me her sad news,” She explained. “Oh okay,” I replied. “Yeah, I felt bad for her, so I gave her the maple muffin I brought in to give Allie,” She added. “Did she like it?” I asked. “I uh oh” Came her unintelligible reply. “Well at least you’re making inroads into that group,” I said. “Mom, I’ve told you this before, I’m not like you. I can’t just start a conversation with a wall…” She said. “No, that’s you’re brother. He can start a conversation with just about anyone, whereas, I need to be introduced to the wall first, before I begin talking…” “And I need to sit next to the wall for a month or so to become comfortable enough to consider a conversation with them, ” she interrupted. Trying not to laugh, I said, “Oh doll, there’s no hurry, just move at your own pace…”

On warm days:

Our area has been hit by some very hot and humid days. When the doll stepped into the car after school, she looked a little haggard. “You know, I was fine at school today.  In fact, it wasn’t really that warm until I my sixth period”. Amused I said, “What happened that made that classroom any worse than the others?” I asked. “After fifth period, I stopped into the guidance office to ask a question, which happens to be air conditioned. After spending a few moments in there, when I walked back into the hallway, I was hit over the head with the humidity,” She said, adding, “Not to mention my 6, and 7th classrooms are located in the circle of hell…” She sighed while I laughed.  “Mum, after our math quiz, our teacher told told us to lie our heads down on the desk because it was too warm to teach, so I did and I fell asleep for a few minutes,” She explained. “Hey, there you go…a way you’re like me. As you know, I can fall asleep anywhere…” I offered. “No, this doesn’t count due to extenuating circumstances–the heat,” She argued. “Okay, whatever doll, what. ev. er…” I replied.



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