Relief from political distress, day 59…


Hey we’re now under two months until the election… and frankly the ugliness that has been spewed all campaign long, only continues to grow. I guess the idea of decorum has long ago, gone out the window. Most people know where I stand… on the side of beauty to counteract the ugliness found whenever I open my Twitter or Facebook pages; among others. So without further ado, here we go, day 59… a whimsical photo, if you will.

While on vacation to the Bahama’s in 2011, we watched as the natives wore winter coats on a rainy, coool-ish 82 degree F day. “What the…?” My doll asked as she turned to me and saw the same look on her face. “It must feel like winter here when it rains…” Was my only reply. “Mom, I think we’re under dressed…” She said, noting our shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. “Must be…” I concurred and we both laughed.

Later that day, we visited a local zoo, complete with armed guards at all the entrances. “Not something you expect to see at a zoo…” I said under my breath. The kids looked at me and I replied, “Just ignore them…” as we moved on. While I’m not sure why there were guards at the gates, I can tell you, if it was to protect the animal and plant life contained therein, then we totally understand. So much beauty in that little zoo, it’s hard to pick my favorite shot. However, since today is Friday, I think you’ll understand where I’m going with this beautiful photo… If not, simply then, enjoy!110


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