three kisses goodnight…


When the kids were babies, there were times when I laid them in their beds and then withstood their heartbreaking wails over not being ready for bed. Eventually though, they would wear themselves out and fall asleep. Nowadays, getting the kids to go to bed is eerily similar, except instead of crying, they fail to disconnect from the Internet, or pitter patter around, looking for things they may have forgotten to do earlier, to complete at that moment. “Doll, why are you taking your backpack to bed?” I asked. “I just want to check over a few things…” She said in return. “While I admire your desire to have everything in order for school tomorrow, don’t you think you could have done that earlier?” I asked. “Mom, my OCD would not allow that,” She replied walking away.

OCD?  Oh brother! Why didn’t I have that excuse when I was younger?


At 10:30 pm  last night, I warned both kids time had arrived for them to get ready for bed. “Bay, go use the bathroom before your sister gets in there,” I tried. He sat up on his bed, acknowledged the idea with a head nod, but then failed to implement the plan. 

In the meantime his sister entered the kitchen and engaged me in a conversation about dreams… “Smiling back at her I said, “This sounds an awful lot like a stall tactic to me”. She smiled, leaned forward, kissed the top of my head and said goodnight. 

Twenty minutes past eleven, she entered the kitchen, “Does this look okay?” She asked. There standing in the doorway was my beautiful doll, wearing a spirit gray  t-shirt, with a cute gray skirt. “Looks fine to me,” said her no “fashion sense” mother. “I’m a little worried the gray on gray looks bad,” she remarked. “I think you look fine, and hey! Looky there! It’s bedtime!” I reminded. Leaning forward she kissed the top of my head and said, okay, this time is for real, goodnight” and then exited the room. 

After folding all the clothes from three baskets of laundry, I walked back to the kids bedrooms at 11:45 pm. Opening the the door to the boys darkened room, there he lay watching something on his device. Setting his clothes down I said, “Dude, give it here,” “Okay but you don’t have to take it away,” he replied. “Really? Because you know better, Mr. “Addicted to the Internet”,” Handing me his device he growled, but stopped short of arguing further, instead offering me a  goodnight before rolling over.

Stepping across the aisle I opened the dolls bedroom door to put clothes in there too and was met with a  a faint “Hi” as if to signify she were asleep. Placing clothes on her bottom bunk, I stood up and said, Goodnight baby, I love you…” And began to leave the room. That is, until my brain caught up to what my eyes were seeing. There she was, laying atop of her iPad, her face illuminated by the screen. “Hand it over…” I said and as the she pulled out the iPad she was trying to conceal, she said,  “You’re right, goodnight,”and then blew me a kiss goodnight as I exited her room.

When I checked bat at 12:15 am they were both asleep. Good thing too considering their alarms both went off this morning at 6 am. 



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