Relief from political distress, day 55…


Ever get caught in a rainstorm? Usually we run, looking for an overhang of some sort, to help us keep from getting wet or we search for the quickest escape from the falling rain. But what if you’re out walking on an Atlantic Ocean beach (not during hurricane season)? If your like my hubby and me, you get drenched. 

After a full day of running around Saturday, we came back to the hotel and crashed for a spell. When we finally ventured out, a bank of low clouds began to creep across out toward the ocean. The sight was so spectacular, we were mesmerized by the dark swirling clouds, we barely noticed the few rain drops that landed upon us. Looking out over the pier I said, “Look, you can’t even see the high rises on the other side,” because the mist from the rain falling was so thick. That’s about the time we felt a steady, heavy, rain begin to fall and turned back toward our hotel. 

C’est la vie! Twas a warm rain which only lasted about ten minutes. We were soaked, but continued to walk on the beach, capturing fantastic photos of the cloud formations, a rainbow and its reflection in the sand, while drying our clothing in the warm evening air. 


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