It’s so not fair…


The doll has long held belief’s that her father and I coddle the boy. “It’s not fair that I have to do chores around the house, and for those same chores you choose to pay the boy!” She’s argued. My usual reply is “How many dresses have I purchased for your brother in the last year?” Or “How many sleepovers has he had in the last four years?” Of course she does not appreciate my comparative notions, telling me, “You’re not being fair”.

Perhaps. Perhaps as our first born, we do coddle him more that we do her, but I honestly don’t know how.

All the time we were gone this past weekend, with the exception of locking himself out of the house, we never heard from the boy. However, his sister sent texts and called several times each day to check in and tell us about her day and inform us that she wasn’t feeling well. Each time she assured me she was okay and everything was fine. But when Monday morning arrived, the boy, who had been suffering with a cold all weekend, spiked a fever, which kept him home from school.

The doll was livid.  Grammy was coddling her brother, while overlooking her which made her send me a text to vent and complain. “Oh no…” I read and began to laugh. “What’s so funny?” Her father asked. “Listen to this.. “The boy’s temperature is at 97 Something degrees and grams having him stay home. ‘Oh no his cough’ it’s not that bad. If someone should be freaking staying home it should be me. I’m the one that feels like there going to throw up 24/7 and I have cramps etc. I’ve gone to school with colds worse then him so he needs to freaking suck it up and stop being a baby about it just because Grammy is over” I said, reading the text aloud to him. “Oh no, is right” He said as we both laughed.

I sent her a text in return asking her not to be too hard on her grandmother for falling for her brother’s “illness” because when he’s determined to stay home, he’s a great actor.  “That doesn’t make it right,” she sent back. “No, but that’s all I got right now…” I replied.


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