muffins and acorns…. (smh)


Over the years, the doll and I have had some pretty interesting conversations, while I was driving her somewhere. Yesterday on the ride home from school, she let slip the type of boy she’s attracted to, which as you might imagine, is very interesting to me. “I like a tall, nerdy looking guy with well kept brown hair and glasses…” She said with an embarrassed laugh before adding, “I don’t really like messy hair…” “Well, messy hair sometimes has their place…” I offered and she laughed; I think more disgusted that by my (insinuated) reply. “Mom!”  “What?” I replied and laughed.

Then she began telling me that her “crush”, who happens to be in many of her classes and coincidentally is the same height as her; began talking to her during one of her classes. “But I was busy sending an email to my science teacher and didn’t hear what he’d said”. She lamented. “Doll, what if he just asked you to Homecoming and you missed it…?” I teased. “MO-OM! Ohhhhh!” she replied and I giggled.

Then she began describing a few other few boys from her classes, who she thought were nice or funny, which amused me until  she referred to one of them as a “muffin”. “A Muffin? What does that mean? He’s sweet? He’s yummy?…” I interrupted. “He’s…” She mused for a moment and then admonished me saying, “Gross Mom, get your head on straight…” Then tried to formulate an definition for his “type”. “He’s… cute, but not in a good or bad looking kind of way…” She tried. “Personality wise?” I offered. “Yes, he’s a Muffin!” She said; her eyes smiling at the recognition.


Later that night, the boy approached me and asked, “Do you know what’s odd?” “You’re want to be on the internet 24/7?” I guessed. “Besides that…” He said with a smile, “The doll calls cute people ‘Muffins’ and I call them ‘Acorns’. Funny isn’t it?” He said, and then laughed to himself. I looked at both kids and said, “What’s wrong with just calling them cute?” “Mom, really…” the doll said as she and the boy both began to laugh at my suggestion.

I guess, I look about as ancient to them, as my mom did to me at their age.


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