Relief from political distress, day 51…


This afternoon, while I was peacefully enjoying my day off, doing nothing in particular, while the rain fell most of the day, once the rain cleared out, someone rang my doorbell. “Oh lord,” I said, as I stood to answer the door. You see, when you enjoy a do nothing type day, that also includes not getting changing out of your pajamas. I mean seriously, how often do I get this opportunity, right? In any case, when I opened the door, there stood, a nice, good looking young man-which made me feel kind of gross for answering the door in my pj’s.

“Hello…?” I said as I opened my screen door to see him. “Hi, I was wondering if you would be interesting in…” He began. I’ve heard these type of requests before. They’re usually selling candy or asking for donations to keep alcoholics in church and out of bars, so I simply waited for the moment when I would reply, “I’m sorry, I don’t have any cash…” (which is the truth), before closing the door.

Instead, as the nice, good looking young man began his spiel, I noticed what he held in his hands and knew immediately, this was a different sales pitch. “Hello,” He began,  “I was wondering if you would be interested in putting any signs in your yard in support of Donald Trump,” He finished. “No thank you,” I said, very nicely and closed the door as he moved on to the next house on the block.

I’m not a type of person who needs to show their political leanings to the world, via their front yard, that’s what Facebook is for; I really don’t think someone driving by would see a sign and say, “Oh, Marsha’s voting for so and so, I must vote for them too…” On the contrary, they’d probably say, “Dear God, she’s voting for them, what the hell is wrong with her?” So, regardless which team presented me with a sign today, the answer would still have been no.


As mentioned today, I’ve been busy doing nothing and as such, the day has flown by… When the rain clouds finally cleared off, I stepped outside and captured this photo. No matter how many times I tried to enhance the shot via photo shop, I found the original to be the best. Hope you like…



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