Relief from political distress, day 50…


Mr L and I are hanging out this afternoon and we took in a nice little stroll at one of our areas MetroParks. On our way back to the car, we took a moment to sit down to rest, and simply enjoyed this beautiful, sunny day.

While seated there, I noticed various butterflies and bumble bees frantically working over the last remaining flowers of summer. It’s hard to believe that just a week earlier, my hubby and I were walking around Brook Green Garden, in South Carolina; also enjoying a beautiful sunny day. The only difference being about 20 degrees on the Fahrenheit and barometric/dew point scales.

While South Carolina has many beautiful recreational activities and sights, I can say, I’m happy to be back in my hometown with their gorgeous cooler temps, yet equally sunny days. I guess it’s true what they say, your own happiness can be found simply by looking in your own back yard. I know mine sure is.


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