Relief from political distress, day 47


male Downy Woodpeckers aka the usual suspects

On Monday afternoon after watching several hours of Gunsmoke reruns, Mr. L. usually asks, “Do you think we can get the hell out of here?” Knowing this question will arrive shortly after lunch, I make plans to take him on an “adventure”, scouting places that will be entertaining for the both of us. Yesterday we drove to an area MetroPark to enjoy their “Window on Wildlife” which offers a glimpse of animal (aka designated area with bird feeders) wildlife inside the park. On occasion, the birds who come to visit are rarities in the area, but most often times than not, they are what we refer to as “The Usual Suspects”; birds native to our area and thus, deemed boring.

dsc_0259Yesterday was more of the same, but I did capture a nice photo of a Black Capped Chickadee, who gave me a “What you looking at?” brief stare, before going back to feeding. Recently I learned, this particular species is a year round bird whose numbers dwindle in the winter, due to lack of food stores. As such, I think this winter, I’ll leave my feeder up… in hopes of helping out these little cuties.



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