Shut up and don’t interject nothing…


Yesterday, my kids had a scheduled two hour delay, but together, agreed the night before, to get up early enough to arrive at school a full half an hour before the bell rang. Yet, when her alarm rang out, the doll elected to stay in bed and catch up on some much needed sleep. In the meantime, her brother woke up (miraculously on his own without his sisters help) on time, took a shower, ate breakfast and then sat impatiently waiting for his sister to do the same. Yet, since her desire for sleep overruled her desire to get to school early, they both arrived to school much later than he liked.

Pulling up to the front of the school about ten minutes before the first bell, the boy, frustrated by our “later than desired” arrival time said, his voice filled with a heavy condescending tone, “And here we are arriving to school with the same time to spare as usual. Thank you doll.”


An asideThe moment he finished his thought, I came to two very important conclusions: I should just sit by and be quiet while they worked this out and for the love of God, I shouldn’t interject any opinion whatsoever on the matter at hand. Following my own advice, I sat there gleefully quiet and enjoyed their loud banter with one another.


As you might imagine, my daughter did not take kindly to not only her brother’s inference, but also the tone of voice he employed. “Big deal!! So what if I chose to sleep in today. Sorry I fell short of your expectations and you had to be responsible for a change and get yourself up, showered, dressed and fed,” She loudly returned.  “It’s just we both agreed to get to school earlier than usual, ” He replied just as loud to his sister, adding, “Maybe you should have gone to bed earlier…” “Who’s fault is that? Not mine!! I usually only get 4 hours of sleep a night, especially when I have to wake you up too!” “Doll, you just made my point… Go to bed earlier,” he replied. “It doesn’t work that way, but regardless, after this stunt, you’ll be lucky if I ever wake you up again!!” She yelled to him, then unbuckled her seat belt, opened the car door and  quickly extracted herself from the car. “Have a good day baby,” I shouted out toward her and as she dismissed us. “Well, that went really well…” He mumbled as he began to get out of the car. “Bay, haven’t you learned anything about your sister yet?” I asked trying not to laugh.  “Yes, she’s a…” “Don’t talk about my baby that way…” I interrupted. “Fine, I  should have kept my mouth shut…” He acknowledged. “Ding ding ding! We have a winner!!” I said, adding “Oh and have a good day baby!”

“Yep,” he replied and exited the car.


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